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That's no reason to use the points system, seeing as they can charge actual dollars for people with credit cards and yet still have gift cards available for kids or anyone else without a credit card. The only thing the points system does is force you to spend more than you actually need/want to spend.But thats not necessarily a limitation of the points system.You use the Zune app to stream Zune music and music videos, and you use the Music Player app to playback your own content library.You have to remember that the XBox hardware is circa 2005.I guess another way to look at it is, you may eventually be able to buy gift cards in regular stores, like itunes cards*, give them to people, and allow them to redeem them for Microsoft Points to spend on music.

I just wanna learn more about finance and what kinds of jobs are out there for a finance degree. There is no need to jump in or out of it to play your Zune Pass content.When I listen to music I don't make a choice beforehand whether I want to listen using a particular service or software/hardware player. It's absurd to me to choose a playback device based on what particular song I want to listen to. If I'm on the Xbox listening through Zune and I decide I want to listen to something not available on Zune Pass I will need to switch players (which in reality means I have to switch hardware devices because the Xbox media player is atrocious).I don't believe Microsoft understands what a strong ecosystem is all about. We got to talking about the music we liked, and he said he would love to hear Primal Scream's "Scremadelica" album. A great interface is useless if I have to switch between it and something else depending on the specific content I want to play.I love the individual products but the ecosystem is terrible, and there are no signs of improvement. Everyone's seen the new dash (MS have shown off videos for months), and that is clearly great. In less that 5 minutes I had the XBox fired up, logged into Zune Pass and the album was playing through my home threatre speakers. the same goes for video (actually it's even more of a pain for video).

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