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Unlike other hot water recirculation pumps, the D' MAND Kontrols Systems® do not allow hot water into the cold water line, and deliver hot water to the furthest fixtures on user demand, rather than relying on a timer activated system.

ACT, Inc.'s D' MAND Kontrols® recirculating hot water pumps send cold water in the plumbing back to the water heater, via the cold water, or dedicated return line, while simultaneously bringing hot water to all fixtures in the line, in a matter of seconds.

Berry Beam Dans les parkings privés et publics, cette lisse fournit une barrière de délimitation nette et fine (seulement 100mm de large) avec les même niveaux de protection que la Barrier Rail.

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Tous les amortisseurs peuvent être utilisés avec Berry Beam ou Barrier Rail , tandis que l'amortisseur HDB est utilisé uniquement avec le Box Beam. SS3-200 model SS3-200 This D' MAND KONTROLS® System includes an electronic circuit board, thermosensor mounted in lead free bronze volute, 3/4" threaded stainless steel flanges, and internal check valve. Edward — Litchfield Park, AZ Installation was as easy as the instructions indicated. Richard — Escondido, CA My second D'MAND pump installation. William — Duluth, GA Best thing I have installed in my home in 30 years.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spelling mistakes at internet search for Recommended for use with dedicated return lines in buildings up to 4,000 sq.

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