Z dating

Younger daters don’t dwell on finding a mate right away, they take their time and have fun while getting to know others,” Bizzoco reveals.

These lessons are particularly relevant today as nearly half the population over the age of 18 is single, according to Statista, and about one in three of the 110.6 million unmarried people in the United States want to get married according to Psychology Today.

Even those who don’t use dating apps report feeling like the seemingly endless stream of potential partners on their Instagram feeds makes committing to a relationship much more daunting.

Instead of building longer-term connections with romantic partners, Gen Zers build hundreds of surface-level connections with their numerous followers, creating relationships that are empirically less fulfilling than the more serious relationships undertaken by older generations.

Elizabeth Nealon is editor of Clemson University’s newspaper, The Sensible Tiger, and is currently interning at a think tank in Washington D.

In fact, the average American adult swipes through dating apps for an average of 77 minutes each day. Dating apps give the impression of an infinite supply of potential partners, making it difficult for Gen Zers to remain content with a single romantic prospect.This attitude of transience creates problems when it comes to developing confidence and connection.Without the necessity to push out of their romantic comfort zone, Gen Zers have become increasingly stressed and isolated.Gen Z’s difficulty navigating the contours of dating is no surprise.They grew up in an age when boredom could be solved instantaneously by unlocking their smartphones, and the capital of Namibia could be ascertained through a five-second consultation with Siri.

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