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The new #Runaway Train25 music video featuring @Skylar Grey, @sogallant, and @Jamie NCommons shows real #Missing Kids from your area in the US. It's up to us to help bring home #Missing Kids.

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Skylar Grey has: Played herself in "Saturday Night Live" in 1975. Sly, Nikki Grier, & Slim Da Mobsta[ This Might Or Might Not Be On The Album, I Don't Know ] Update: Dr.See it at Runaway BQ Did you know that when you watch the music video for #Runaway Train25 everyone sees different real life missing kids depending on where you are watching? Please pay close attention, and help us bring these kids home.runawaytrain25#missingkids Music, tech, and social media coming together for an important cause.A missing teen was reconnected with her family thanks to @Jamie NCommons @Skylar Grey and @So Gallant's "Runaway Train 25" music video, which featured real missing children just like the 1993 music video it was based on. BIRAmp0 The rest of the new songs will be out on “Angel With Tattoos” on 10/18!!#VMAs We're live at 1PM with hit songwriter @Skylar Grey, who embraces her folk rock roots in new songs from her upcoming project ‘Angel With Tattoos’. This project is an homage to the artists from the 70’s I grew up listening to. OJ9Umi4 I've been working on lots of new music & I'm so excited for you all to hear it!!!

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