He was not like, “I’m a musician and you are not.” He had already played sax on Public Enemy’s [] album. I heard the reason was that somebody in the Marsalis family did not get along with Miles and that they may have influenced you to leave him out. To leave him out is like to leave Rakim out of Hip Hop.

Positive,” I’d say “Let’s all hold hands.” But I don’t rhyme like that.

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Editor’s Note: Below is an out-of-print interview with Keith “Guru” Elam.

Upon learning about Guru’s untimely death Monday, Hip Hop DX writer Adisa Banjoko provided us with this 1991 relic to Gang Starr fans and Hip Hop culture. He spelled a big B on the bed at his hotel with the dollars he made at the show! You over here talking about, “We did this, we stole this from the next man.” He ain’t tryin’ to hear all that!


Zwar hat die einstmals gertenschlanke Sängerin in den vergangenen Jahren tatsächlich ein paar Kilo zugelegt, doch sie selbst steht zu ihren Kurven.It’s just another expression of the street.” With me, my godfather was a heavy Jazz buff. He’d grab the whole posse and say, “Sit down and listen.” He’d sit us in between two big ass speakers, as tall as the next man. It would sound like you could hear every instrument. When the brother that started it [Clarence 13 X] went out into the streets and started this kind of stuff in New York, this stuff was mainly in New York. Guru: That’s the projects where Poor Righteous Teachers are from. The brotha did that so that the mindstate could change. If you feel like you got your knowledge of self together, then give it to the next man. “Oh, you this kinda Muslim, you that kinda Muslim.” They got more than six types of Muslims! But it’s a mystic law that means being a good person and what you do comes back on you! I support anything that uplifts the humanity and uplifts the black man.

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