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The final master plan’s goal aimed to create a state with maximum Jews and minimum Arabs — by any means, including mass murder of defenseless people.Note: Yes the Jewish nation of Israel committed mass murder and continues to murder, beat, torture, destroy with the aid of the United States of America. Don't forget the holocau$t soap made from Jewish bodies, lampshades from Jewish skin.The epicentre of the earthquake was located off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of 50 kilometres.A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit north-eastern Japan at around local time on Sunday, 4 August, according to the national meteorological service.Were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki indeed a war crime and a crime against humanity, as she and other academic luminaries have publicly claimed?A Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Oxford and Cambridge, who was one of the 20th century’s most gifted philosophers and recognizably the greatest woman philosopher in history, Dr.

The administration of US President Donald Trump is reportedly seeking up to a fivefold increase in Japan’s spending on American military forces deployed to the Asian country.Police gave no details on the motive, but a witness told Japanese TV that the attacker angrily complained that something of his had been stolen, possibly by the company.Was President Harry Truman “a murderer,” as the renowned British analytic philosopher Gertrude Elizabeth Anscombe once charged?Mac Arthur “…no military justification for the dropping of the bomb. Earlier, Tokyo lodged a protest over Russian military drills in the southern Kuril Islands, saying the exercises ran "counter to our position on these islands." The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Japanese Ambassador Toyohisa Kozuki on Tuesday, drawing attention to Japan's 'unacceptable' interference in Russia's internal affairs through its earlier protest to Russia over its activities in the southern Kuril Islands.The war might have ended weeks earlier, if the United States had agreed, as it later did anyway, to the retention of the institution of the emperor.” “Albert Einstein…President Roosevelt would have forbidden the atomic bombing of Hiroshima had he been alive and that it was probably carried out to end the Pacific war before Russia could participate.” On this day in 1945, the US military under the direction of President Truman dropped a nuclear bomb on a civilian target killing over 80,000 people instantly. "The Russian side emphasised that Tokyo's comments regarding the visits of Russian officials to this part of the Sakhalin region, as well as various activitis carried out there, including of a socio-economic and military nature, border on an attempt to interfere in Russia's internal affairs," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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