Wow patch 5 0 4 not updating Tchat sexy mtl

) * Fixed fonts (I think) for 5.4 changes (what happened to Game Font Normal?

) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.32 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Updated TOC for 5.3 patch (this time I mean it!

Like maybe a setting to choose what you want in the foreground and what in the background? It has been my go-to for many years, but I feel like I'm gonna have to try something else if I can't get this fixed. first think i did ofcourse is to update all my addons, updating my bartender tho has completely ruined it for me, i get no bars at all!

Thanks for all the hard work so far In reply to tiffy961: I'll see what I can do, but the problem is of course that some parts of the Blizzard Art are definitely meant to be "background", while others like the lions might look better in the foreground. i can only see the zone ability bar and the micro menu one.

Please submit Bugs and/or Feature Requests using the Ticket System on the Wo WAce Project page or in the Bartender4 Forum Thread. I don't know if it's a bug from Bartender4 or from another addon, but as the Bartender4 name appears in the message...When going into Bartender4 to correct things, I clicked on Stance Bar and the only thing that shows up is the check box for enable and nothing else. Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Event-3.0\Ace Event-3.0.lua:33: On Used() ...sic\Libs\Callback Handler-1.0\Callback Handler-1.0.lua:142: Register Event() Omen\Omen.lua:592: Omen\Omen.lua:589 [C]: ? Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Addon-3.0\Ace Addon-3.0.lua:70: ... Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Addon-3.0\Ace Addon-3.0.lua:65 ... Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Addon-3.0\Ace Addon-3.0.lua:527: Enable Addon() ...Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Addon-3.0\Ace Addon-3.0.lua:620: ... Add Ons\Bartender4\libs\Ace Addon-3.0\Ace Addon-3.0.lua:605 [C]: Load Add On() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:353: UIParent Load Add On() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:424: Time Manager_Load UI() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:693: ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:658Locals: None Add Ons: Swatter, v8.2.6377 (Swimming Seadragon) Advanced Interface Options, v1.3.1 Atlas Loot Classic, vv1.1.7-beta1 Auc Advanced, v8.2.6385 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Filter Basic, v8.2.6364 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Histogram, v8.2.6366 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stati Level, v8.2.6370 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Purchased, v8.2.6367 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Simple, v8.2.6368 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Std Dev, v8.2.6369 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Util Fix AH, v8.2.6371 (Swimming Seadragon) Bartender4, v4.8.5 Bean Counter, v8.2.6381 (Swimming Seadragon) DBMCore, v1.13.3 DBMDefault Skin, v DBMStatus Bar Timers, v Gather Mate2, v1.45 Mapster, v1.8.4 Monkey Buddy, v Monkey Library, v Monkey Quest, v Monkey Quest Log, v Omen, v3.2.2 Omni CC, v8.2.4 Slide Bar, v8.2.6375 (Swimming Seadragon) Stubby, v8.2.6376 (Swimming Seadragon) Titan Classic, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Ammo, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Bag, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Clock, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Gold, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Location, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Loot Type, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Performance, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Repair, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic Volume, v1.0.4.11302 Titan Classic XP, v1.0.4.11302 Vendor Price, v1.1.3 Bliz Runtime Lib_fr FR v1.13.2.11302 Thanks Hi there I've been using bartender since forever and one thing has always bugged me...this was causing elements to be mouse active, with tooltips, when they were hidden * Fixed a scaling error in the Battlefield Minimap info panel * Fixed a logic error in the raid sort that was duplicating some units and not showing other units ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.18 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed debug print messages appearing when a unit frame is right-clicked ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.17 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Updated TOC for Wo W 4.1 patch * Removed happiness icon from pet unit frames (hunter's no longer need to manage it) * Fixed right-click menu on unit frames with raid sort ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.16 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed aura layout error in the party and raid panels that caused auras to overlap the upper action bars (different problem than the one fixed in 5.07.15) * Fixed layering problem in unit frame and HUD aura buttons that caused them to interfere with the mouse when targeting/clicking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.15 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed a sizing problem in the aura frames * With auras working in a more sane manner now, the maximum number of auras displayed for the player and pet buffs has been increased to ensure visibility.* Fixed an error in the combat feedback system that was causing the unit frames to flash red on incoming heals * Fixed an issue that caused hidden default Blizzard UI elements to briefly appear while in combat * Attempted to fix raid sorting (only works out of combat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.14 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Another pass at resolving the issues with aura displays...

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