World of warcraft beta updating setup files

I find the vertical bars actually are partially obscured by my minimap. THIS FIX WOULD BE AWESOME @Sebast_ian PLEASE I tested this with Dockingstation, Chcolatebar, and Titan panel. Looks like anything that's uses Lib Jostle-3.0 causes the bar to shift to the left.I'm not sure what Titan panel is using but instead of shifting to the left it shifts down and you can't see the experience bar anymore.In order to facilitate support when contacting Technical Support, please inform them if you are using the 64 bit client.To remove the 64-bit client completely, delete the following files from your World of Warcraft folder: The difference is not major initially.I know, a rather incomplete model but I'm in a rush right now.

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Greetings, Daneras The current BFA alpha has the two right action bars side by side and not vertical.

On 14-Feb-2012, an updated 64-bit client (Patch 4.3.3 build 15314) for Windows and Mac OS X was released and Blizzard said previous users much switch to the 32-bit client via the Launcher's Game Preferences dialog.

Unfortunately, the Launcher might get in a vicious cycle where it would download a corrupt file (incomplete? ), detect it, and disable the Game Preferences menu item.

When you run the old macro that hides them in the default Blizzard UI: /run Main Menu Bar Left End Cap: Hide(); Main Menu Bar Right End Cap: Hide() It does not hide them in this addon.

Please add a way to hide them for those of us that really dislike them! But there is one question: Is it possible to add an option for hiding the right 2 micro bars?

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