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If you encounter this error, it can be resolved by deleting any Mii characters in the Mii Maker on Wii U that were used in Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus.

After doing so, please start Wii Fit U and transfer user data.

Okay, so I've had my wii Twilighted for quite some time with no real problems.

I also installed Bootmii on it directly from the homebrew channel, but apparently it wasn't installed in the way that can resurrect my wii (The LED doesn't flash 2 times when I boot it without a card in).

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the software update for The Wonderful 101 on an internet enabled Wii U system, ‘ver.

Especially since I'm sure my Wii's warranty has run out by now, I got it like..2 years ago? About the NAND programmer, that'd be difficult and probably expensive, correct? However you need to be good at soldering if you want to attach it to your nand.Initiating a System update won’t disable the mod, therefore, it is safe to enable it in order to eradicate this error.For that: If the Network configurations for your device haven’t been set properly, it can prevent the connection from being established.If the Mii character that needs to be deleted is associated with a user account, please follow the steps below to change the user's Mii character.Please note: if the deleted Mii was used in other software, the user will have to re-register their new Mii character with each piece of software.

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