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The 46-year-old reality star got married in St Lucia but has refused to reveal the identity of her husband. #truelove #agoodman #wife #god #happiness #crazyinlove #kenyamoore A post shared by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on In her Instagram post announcing her marriage, Kenya says that she is crazy in love in one of the hashtags.Some fans speculate that he will appear in the upcoming season of A good man is hard to find but true love is even harder. She also gushes about her new husband, stating that a good man is hard to find and she is truly in love.In Taylor’s call with Patti, Taylor says Joel is a total sweetheart who “lit up the room,” and even reveals she’s gotten together with him again since their first date!

Kenya likes Todd, who’s both a pilot and a jiu jitsu master (OMG same!

At the chakra spa, Taylor and Joel do a bunch of kooky stuff, like rubbing oil all over each other’s hands and closing their eyes as a healer creates etherial-sounding noises from a “chakra bowl.”“Is that not amazing? James is a total gentleman, and Kenya is smitten—going so far as to offer to read his palm, which really just amounts to her stroking his arm a whole bunch of times. At dinner, Joel asks Taylor how she’s feeling, and she says she feels “girly.” There’s a lot more hand rubbing, and this time, there isn’t a creepy chakra healer looking on.

At the end of the date they kiss, and it’s super adorable. Eventually, Joel lunges towards Taylor and they make out—a lot.

), but it’s clear her top choice is James, who works in commercial real estate. Kenya obviously chooses James, who takes her to a dance studio for salsa lessons!

They’re barely 15 seconds into the date when it’s clear they’re ready to run off and get married. They’re having so much fun.“This is, like, the perfect date so far,” Kenya says. On Patti’s recommendation, Joel takes Taylor to a “chakra spa,” no doubt praying none of his former hockey bros are watching Bravo right now. Meanwhile, Kenya and James are having a super flirty dinner date (it’s at Sur, BTW, because one should never turn down an opportunity to cross-promote Bravo shows).

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