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When Kenny realized he was saved, he said, “it really makes you believe that there’s something up there…” Kenny Chesney’s concerts are always held in big stadiums and often sell out.The pre-show tailgates that go down at the stadiums are an exciting scene, which see thousands of hyper-alive fans getting pumped for the upcoming show.After the show, Bush presented the country star with a pair of eel-skin cowboy boots, specially designed by the famous Rocky-Carroll.

Similarly, at a 2013 concert, 73 people were arrested and 30 tons of trash were left behind in the parking lot.

In 2007, the two rappers decided to hold a public competition to see whose newly released album would sell more.

Taking a risk, 50 Cent vowed to retire if Kanye came out on top.

Kenny was given a reason to believe in guardian angels when he was miraculously spared from the 9/11 attack.

His band planned on journeying to NYC to shoot a music video in the World Trade Center, but the shoot was canceled last-minute, just before the two skyscrapers crumbled.

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