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The connection was instantaneous The details--some believe them apocryphal--have taken on the glow of their romance.When they met, the two were married to other people, but still became inseparable, and the songwriter in Lennon became less interested in wanting to hold hands and more interested in revolution.Instant Karma: Something about Yoko Ono intrigued John Lennon when they met at an art gallery on November 9, 1966.The following is a summation of what took place that night (and later), along with some background information on Yoko’s infamous London show.Yet that night, Lennon climbed a ladder to the ceiling to see one of Ono's installations: a placard with a tiny word on it--"Yes." She gave him a card reading "Breathe;" and requested five shillings to hammer an imaginary nail into the wall.

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Despite a brief separation in the mid-'70s, their love story endured until his murder in 1980.

When John Lennon was invited by friend, John Dunbar, to an exhibit at Dunbar’s Indica Gallery in London on November 9, 1966, the intellectually hungry, emotionally restless 26-year-old Beatle reportedly thought the avant-garde show might involve drugs, an orgy, or any of the things that made swingin' London swing.

In fact, what was happening at the Indica was a conceptual-art show called Unfinished Paintings and Objects, exhibiting the work of Yoko Ono, a 33-year-old Japanese artist who created things like transparent homes, imaginary music, and "underwear to make you high." Ono was yin to Lennon's yang: She was a well-born daughter of a bank president with a minor following in the art world; he was a working-class Liverpudlian who became one of the most famous people in the world.

Basically Die for Our Ship, but aimed at the love interest of a celebrity or other public figure.

She (and it almost always will be a she) is a lightning rod of hatred from the fanbase, and will be Misblamed: either for negatively affecting the quality of his work, upsetting group dynamics, or just “stealing him away” from them.

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