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His writing has fostered a healthy number of skeptics, who liken the sound-bite-speaking Ferriss to the P. Some of this junk might actually work, but you're going to be embarrassed doing it or admitting to your friends that you're trying it." When Ferriss advised airline passengers in a 2012 New York Times travel story to put an unloaded starter pistol in checked luggage to ensure the airline won't lose it, New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni held up Ferriss as exhibit A in the epic narcissism sweeping the country, where living in a civic vacuum is mistaken for individualism."I got that idea from professional photographers who don't want to lose ,000 worth of camera equipment," Ferriss said.Once back from expedition, readers can mix themselves the ultimate Renaissance man drink: cigar-infused Tequila hot chocolate.When asked what qualifies him to write about food, Ferriss answers, "Absolutely nothing. So I thought it would be interesting to apply that to something I'm crappy at." Even as a teenager, Ferriss was obsessed with learning more efficient ways to do things, said John Buxton, his former wrestling coach at St."But I'd painted myself into a corner," Ferriss said.

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"His process for learning is fascinating," Zurofsky said.Once his company was largely on autopilot, his profits increased and he was free. He admits it's harder these days to follow his own advice and keep work and life in balance when there are so many requests for his time."Right now, I'm working nonstop promoting '4-Hour Chef,' but I'm going to spend all of February in Polynesia," he said."One time I walked into the gym and found him with 400 pounds on the bench press.He said he could get better intensity if he moved it an inch once instead of pressing 250 pounds six times." Ferriss grew up in East Hampton, N. His father is a real estate broker and his mother is a physical therapist for seniors.

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