Who is pete murray dating

I was around 30 at that stage, struggling, in a bunch of debt; I thought, 'what am I doing?

I'm 30 years old and I'm chasing this music dream.' I knew that there would have to be a point where I would have to let that go and get a real job or a real career going…

His fervent support for Margaret Thatcher led to the end of his decades-long career as a BBC radio presenter and personality.

On a live radio broadcast immediately prior to the 1983 election (a broadcast which had nothing to do with politics), he waited until his interviewer was just signing off and then quickly said that he just wanted to say that a vote for the Labour Party would be, in his opinion, a vote for Communism in Britain.

He rose to prominence after the release of his debut full-length album, Feeler, with the title track picked up by Triple J radio station.

For Pete, as good a rugby player as he was or as keen an interest he had in sports medicine, he was meant to be a bloody good Australian musician, and the universe wouldn’t have it any other way.“Everyone had been raving about this album and I had never listened to it start to finish,” Pete says.“Eight years after it came out I got a random text from Darren Middleton from Powderfinger saying, 'I’ve just been listening to ‘Feeler’, what a great album’.Fifteen years ago Pete Murray hadn’t even thought of being a musician, let alone releasing four albums on a major label – three of which were number 1 on the ARIA charts – playing music festivals or having an album successful enough to be re-released ten years later.Speaking to Pete about the ten year re-release of his iconic 2003 album ‘Feeler’ last year, which went six times platinum by the way, he tells me: “When it was done I just couldn't hear anything good about it.

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