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“I’ll try not to break SHIELD, but if you’re not there it will break my heart. Simmons’ comment makes it look like even the stars haven’t been fully informed of what’s to come in “Agents of S.

“I love you more than anything....except babies doing MMA after I take a nap,” Simmons joked. ” It seems the cast doesn’t want to lose their leading man, either. “I don’t know in what form that will take, whether that will be flashbacks or hopefully some sexy dreams that Melinda May is having. But that’s all I know so far.”Fans will be in the dark about “Marvel’s Agents of S.

If he’s called upon to be in a leadership role, he can do so but I think he has no problem doing what’s best for the team in whatever service that may be. The thing is you can’t tell people, “Oh, I’m in SHIELD I’m part of SHIELD” So what the writers wanted to do is explore the other side of SHIELD when you’re not working. And then you have to come up with some poor excuse as to why.

Your personal history with your families, things of that nature. It causes strained relationships and that’s what you see.

This week’s episode will show Mack (Simmons) try to reconnect with his family, while Coulson (Gregg) has more tests in store for Lincoln (Luke Mitchell).

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9PM on ABC.

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In a birthday message for co-star Henry Simmons, Coulson actor Clark Gregg continued to hint that he might not be back on the show, much to Simmon’s dismay.

Coulson actor Clark Gregg acknowledged the big finale in his birthday message to Simmons on Instagram.“Happy Birthday @realhenrysimmons I love you more than you love naps...

It’s ironic that Coulson is dealing with that when he’s only at some point going to learn how much he has unleashed on the planet by his own response to his own emotions. Will Coulson be recruiting new members to fill in for Bobbi and Huner? He’s certainly got a really powerful right hand in Mack but it’s no good to have another team member who you can’t trust, who’s volatile. Did meeting Mack’s family make you see Mack any differently? The unique thing about television is they create your background for you but things you didn’t even know about.

I like that Coulson doesn’t just give up on him right out of the gate, but seems interested in working with him, trying to help him get to a place where he can trust him. Gregg: There will be a returning SHIELD agent who’s been involved in our show and the Marvel universe outside of our show in the episode on Tuesday.

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