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Locklear also threatened to shoot deputies if they returned to her home, prompting them to later return to her property to search for a .38-caliber pistol registered in her name, reports said.Meanwhile, Heisser also was arrested that night, on suspicion of driving under the influence, several hours after his fight with Locklear.Within weeks, Heisser and Locklear reportedly were back together, with Locklear welcoming him back into their home.This development had family members concerned, given that Locklear was facing legal problems stemming from her Feb. She was charged with four misdemeanor counts of battery against a police officer and one count of resisting arrest.Currently in the psychiatric ward of a prominent L.

After a tumultuous 2018 that included multiple 911 calls and run-ins with the law, alleged attacks on loved ones, suicide threats, a possible overdose and a long stint in rehab, Heather Locklear is hoping for a more balanced and healthy 2019.

Sources close to Locklear's family told TMZ her issues have been diagnosed as being related to both substances and mental health, and that Locklear — combative during her arrests — has been "cooperative so far." Locklear was arrested in June for battery on a police officer immediately before being hospitalized for an overdose.

Locklear has worked steadily since her TV debut in 1980, most memorably on the series "Dynasty" (1981-1989), "T. Hooker" (1982-1986), "Melrose Place" (1993-1999), and "Spin City" (1999-2002).

She had intended to check back in to the facility, but is hoping she can do OK at home “under a doctor’s care,” the friend said.

For the time being, Locklear’s parents, Bill and Diane, who are both in their 80s, are living with her, apparently at her home in Thousand Oaks, according to the friend. “She has her parents staying with her, which has been great for everyone truly close to her.

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