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We had read an article in about new queer cinema, so we sent our little edited half-hour short to Christine Vachon.

Thats all of now." [video_clip_url: T7k3t_YLXo Z/embed/select/F6Jnxas840K3] We're thrilled that Rosie has found a partner!

Guin Turner is known for her adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho, in which she also had a small part and came to a rather gruesome end.

She has also worked on Dantes View, Stray Dogs, Pipe Dream, Preaching To The Perverted, Junk, Seahorses, Hummer and is, at the moment, said to be working on a few other projects, including the long-rumored Go Fish 2.

I remember when we watched Stranger Than Paradise, the Jim Jarmusch film, I was like oh, wow!

I realized that movies can be a whole other animal – they can be little and scrappy where not much happens, and yet you’re still totally engaged with what’s happening.

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