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She attended Heathfield School, a boarding school located in Ascot, Berkshire.

In fact, Miller sued two British tabloids for publishing pictures of them being together.They were photographed together yesterday heading to Paris where she’s expected to attend the Louis Vuitton show. Do you ever play this game with friends or family, like at the airport, someplace where it’s not obvious what a person’s interests and backgrounds are (at a sporting event, for example, it’s not as much fun because the fact that they’re at the game already gives you a detail), and you try to guess what a stranger’s name is and what they do? I feel like Lucas would have come up in my guesses along with Nicholas, Nathan, and Ethan. I don’t know that it would have been art and literature though.But if you were only going by these pictures, would you have given him the job description above? I probably would have said that his family has finance connections and he’s also, LOL, a part-time DJ. Kinda like Photo Assumption – most of the time you’re wrong, but the speculation is rooted in SOMEthing, and how you see the world, and there can be a takeaway there.In 2008, she stared in the movie The Edge of Love, with friend Keira Knightley.The film is a biopic of Dylan Thomas in which she played the role of his wife Caitlin Macnamara.

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