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She used to be the face of Chanel No 5 – she also played the designer in the film Coco Before Chanel – and describes Karl Lagerfeld as being like “Louis Quatorze! She remembers the first time she went to a party at Cannes, largely because she turned up in a sarong. It was tough to work out what was going on around me. On Twitter, everyone comments: ‘I like that’ and ‘You’re an a—’. “When I do this it is wonderful for me because I have the responsibility to go to the theatre, to be on time, to do my make-up, my hair. But when you are an actress for cinema, they treat you a little bit like you are an infant.

He is a real character.” But now, “I have been replaced by Brad Pitt,” she says with a Gallic shrug. I thought the sarong was nice, and it was the only thing I had that could look like a skirt, you know? “And I was thinking that an actress today would never be like that. A designer is going to give her a dress.” She describes the experience of Amélie as being like a “big fame tsunami. They think you can’t look after yourself, that they have to protect you. While we were doing the shooting we felt like we were eight years old.” There is even more laughter.

And after that, I really decided to keep it quieter.” She mimes zipping her lips. I let the wave go and I refound my life slowly.” If Amélie had happened now, in the age of social networking, “I would have moved to the moon.” Again, that delightfully gawky laugh. But I am a very independent person so I don’t need someone to carry my bag.” Tautou was born in central France, the daughter of a dental surgeon and a teacher. And I get the impression that eight years old is exactly the age Audrey Tautou feels most of the time.

“If I had had to live my life on the internet like that…” Tautou shakes her little head. She has a brother and two sisters and sees them a lot. “I am very attached to this idea of family,” is all she will say. “...destroy the traditional ceremony of film-making.

She is tiny, five-foot-nothing, wearing jeans, brogues and a T-shirt, the only vestige of her stardom being a Prada bag in the corner of the room. “But the good thing now is that you can be forgotten very quickly,” she says, brightening.

She has a goofy, endearing laugh that is like a drain and entirely at odds with her fine, elfin beauty. The actress has fond memories of her early career; times were far more innocent than they are now. “You know if you stop working for five years you are done. So I think that is reassuring.” She hasn’t worked for a year and a half now, and though she is about to start shooting a film with Bérénice Bejo, the award-winning star of The Artist, Tautou seems to prefer the medium of theatre.

Audrey Tautou has a discreet silver band on her wedding finger, but any inquiries as to whether or not it is an engagement ring are met with coquettish smiles and girlish giggles and, finally, an answer – of sorts. Since she won the hearts of just about everyone when she took the terrifically twee lead role in Amélie 13 years ago, she has done only two English-language films – The Da Vinci Code, with Tom Hanks, and Dirty Pretty Things, with Chiwetel Ejiofor – instead focusing on movies from her French homeland. In Mood Indigo (out on 1 August) she plays a young woman who discovers she has a water lily growing in her lung. It is set in a surreal version of Paris and was directed by Michel Gondry, of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame.

” That the 37-year-old actress is playfully private is perhaps not that much of a surprise. She is here to promote two new films, both of which are the definition of interesting.

“Not interesting ones, anyway.” We meet in a dark London hotel room on a bright Saturday morning.

In the comedy Chinese Puzzle (out on 20 June), Tautou plays the love interest of a man who has recently been left by his wife.

It is set in New York, though is almost entirely in French, aside from the bits where Tautou’s character has to speak fluent Mandarin to a group of Chinese executives to whom she is trying to pitch (she learnt the language especially for the film).

As an actress my career went fast, but with my other artistic projects it is the opposite.” Does she like being able to work at her own pace?

Audrey Justine Tautou, the famous and gorgeous French actress has established herself as a talented and promising actress in American Film Industry.

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