Who is alexis phifer dating

She decided to apply for the job, so she went there and they told how much money she can earn for being an extra, how much for a blowjob, etc.She was sure that she wanted to do it and had really good time doing it.While taking time off from being a para-legal and looking for a different job, Alexis saw an ad for an extra in an adult film, on Craig’s List.As someone who liked and watched porn, she already knew what studio was filming the scene.Alexis Phifer, Kanye West's fiancée of 18 months, has confirmed that the couple's engagement is off.

The long-rumored news was reported earlier on Monday by Us

She lost her virginity very early and became promiscuous afterwards.

Alexis was also with girls, but it was never serious until she was twenty years old when she had her first lesbian relationship.

This hot blonde milf is a free spirited and open minded girl.

She likes guys and girls that have sense of humor, who are open minded, fun and who have life of their own as well.

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