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It actually shows me that you do not have the intelligence to reply decently. You think you’re going to make your fortune but the casinos continue to get richer and the stores seduce you to spend your money.My son’s new Zara shoes we just bought him......minus bottom sole. That said, I am actually playing in our regular monthly game the night before our Peace Fund Poker event.” While working, Paul wasn’t hesitant to mix business with poker.“On the Highlander set I had little time to play poker,” said Paul.on Saturday, October 11, Paul’s charity will team up with Microsoft for a celebrity poker fundraising event to bring safe water to Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world, via the Wells Bring Hope charity.The PEACE Fund Poker tournament, which will be held at the Microsoft Headquarters in Playa Vista, CA, will feature celebrities such as Billy Burke (Twilight), Willie Garson (Sex & the City), Rex Linn (CSI: Miami), Tony Denison (Major Crimes), and Matthew Willig (We’re the Millers), just to name a few.I have played in several tournaments, once placing in a World Series of Poker celebrity event and recently third in another charity event.I think a lot of the time we participate in things we love to do, and if there is added value, like improving or saving the life of a child, then we are even more interested in doing them, such as Peace Fund Poker.” Paul learned poker in his younger years, but was quick to point out it wasn’t Texas hold’em.

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Chill Willis and Gabe Kaplan were among the first celebrities to discover the game back in the 1970s, and since then poker has permeated the lives of the rich and famous.“We did however used to play home games with the cast and crew occasionally and those nights were filled more with drinking beer and telling stories while trying to remove a few dollars from your cast members’ pockets.Though, we actually did have one episode where Duncan Macleod was cheated by his femme fatale Amanda in a game of poker at a casino." Paul is looking forward to his upcoming charity event — which he expects to be the first of many — before he leaves on October 12 for a short stint on a series called Strike Back.“Some cash games, but mainly tournament-style games between 10-30 people.I don’t play the high-stakes games, but I know they exist and besides, having two kids now — one two years old and the other four — leaves me less time to spend the night out playing poker.

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