Who did jennette mccurdy dating

"It's hard not to be impressed by a boy who will express his feelings for you in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

I followed him back on Twitter and sent him a public message.

Here are quick ways to tell if you're dating someone who is actually compatible with you, and not just in the fairytale sense...

If you catch him in white lies, he probably makes purple, blue, and red ones too. Having a guy build you up constantly is unrealistic and will eventually cause turmoil to your ego.

Since it is 2013, Drummond took his cause to Twitter and eventually Mc Curdy noticed Drummond through the noise of her 3.6 million followers.

The two started flirting through social media and late last week they met in person for the first time.

While it's perfectly common these days for the media to go nuts whenever one celebrity steps out with another, Jennette's new relationship with Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond made headlines even before the two met in person because it started on the most public of forums, Instagram and Twitter.

Andre, 20, had been paying Jennette, 21, attention online for some weeks before she finally tweeted him back in August, and they ended up meeting in person for the first time in L. over Labor Day weekend—a trip that was well-documented on social media, of course. But Jennette reveals in her op-ed that she didn't blindly fall Jennette recalls how the whole thing started when she got hundreds of tweets from fans encouraging her to follow @dre_drummond_ on Twitter, thanks to the "Women Crush Wednesday" posts and other sweet tweets he had devoted to her.

As for his Jennette tweets, "I found it sweet, gutsy, and flattering," she wrote.

Your natural instincts should tell you if something will or won't work.

You should feel at ease and comfortable in his presence.

""Speaking to the time I spent getting to know Andre face to face, I can personally attest to the fact that the most prominent moments to me were those not chronicled," she continued.

"They were the little things that a camera can't be whipped out fast enough to catch, the things too imperfect to be blasted out to the multitudes.""If played right and used smartly, social networking can be like a little scrapbook for your personal life," Jennette advised.

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