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I remember that I could just download any build artifact and look at it!

Seems obvious when you say it but it's a good reminder that all these magical black box processes that move data from folder to folder are not black boxes - you can always check the result of a step.

The list contains all embassies and high commissions with the addresses, all the senior staff, telephone and fax numbers, plus email and website addresses.

‘The white book’ is available on the MOD UK Intranet for users who have obtained the necessary permissions to access the Internet version.

I have a build artifact now, it's just in a weird structure.

How did I know the build artifact had a weird folder structure?

Part 6 (Service) - a new section of standalone commentary on the heads of jurisdiction (‘HJ’) as set out in para 3.1 of Practice Direction 6B (Service out of the Jurisdiction) has been added.

I can fix it all up with a fresh build and release pipeline another time when I have the energy to learn this YAML format.

(Speaking of the Azure Dev Ops YAML which doesn't have a friendly editor or validator, not speaking of YAML as a generic concept) I unzip the weird folder structure, then zip it back up from a new root.

However, I'm using a "Visual Studio Build" task which is using MSDeploy and these MSBuild arguments.

Later on in the process I'm taking this package/artifact - now named "drop.zip" and I'm publishing it to Azure App Service.

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