While it is being updating

Seems unlikely you would want to use this as much as the Force Commit Timeout as you are basically saying that queries are more important than the processing operation.

The default value for this property is zero (0), which indicates that the server will not time out commit operations.

Other than that particular case, the users will be able to query the cube.

So if you decide to do a full process on the cube and it errors out, you don’t have to worry that you just made the cube un-accessible.

You can check the average time it takes for a particular USCIS office to process a Form I-485.

Go to our USCIS Processing Time Information page for more information.

If there are any current queries executing against the object in question they will be allowed to continue, and any new queries will be queued up until the current version can be swapped out for the new version.

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If you want a case status update about your application, you can: If you need to leave the United States temporarily while your Form I-485 is pending, please see the instructions for Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, for more information.This will result in the perception of inconsistent performance as any queries executed during this window might take nearly twice as long to start producing results.The “pair” to the Force Commit Timeout setting is the Commit Timeout setting, where you could cause the commit of the process operation to timeout and roll back, allowing currently executing queries to continue to completion.I have always wondered if queries against a SSAS cube while it is processing would be forced to wait the entire time the cube is processing, or just for a few minutes? Surprisingly, I found little information on the internet about this.Fortunately, with help from SSAS guru’s Chris Webb and Adam Jorgensen, they lead me to an old posting that explained it.

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