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A man ghosting on you does not mean anything is wrong with you or that you will never be able to navigate beyond the 3-month mark, or that all men ghost on women they like, when the relationship gets real.

My husband did not, and neither did any of the husbands of my happily married clients.

If that’s the case: From his perspective, maybe you are the one who’s gone “radio silent.”It’s also possible he’s consciously decided he’s not interested in you — but you’ll never actually know whether that’s the case if you haven’t made any attempt to contact him.

Don’t assume an interested guy will necessarily make the first move.

This is the kind of woman I teach my clients to be when I help them do their inner work in my programs.

Being the woman he would do and overcome anything to be with…

” “Why don’t I ever go beyond the 3-month mark with any good man? ” “Why do men always chicken out when a relationship starts to get real?

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They actually feel like a waste of time, a temporary way to distract a woman from addressing the real issue: How do you respond to a man who ghosts on you, irrespective of WHY he ghosted on you? I know you don’t literally beg, but when you send that text or call him to ask what happened, or even call him to call him a jerk, the energy feels one of begging and chasing to HIM! Yes, it hurts, I know, I understand, I’ve been there myself, so many amazing women have too, and yet these women have gone on (including myself) to meet other amazing men and create amazing marriages and committed relationships – and so will you.Comment below and say “yes” if you’re interested in working with me live.If we have over 200 people interested, I will offer this! Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker.It will feel bad, but, at some level you knew inside that it’s about to happen.However, ghosting can be one of the most painful experiences to navigate when the man has been treating you like a queen for weeks and then suddenly decides to disappear on you completely, without any explanation.

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