Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

There you have it…”I used to quote the above as a comical first analogy when I had not been in Taiwan very long, but it still acts as a good lead in to some of the key aspects of the Taiwanese female and Taiwanese character in general. One of the things you do is remember how she is a downtrodden little Asian and you feel sorry for her because she has been pushed into this terrible position. Asians are prepared to go to far greater levels of service than we are – Things that we won’t do because we view as impinging upon our rights, they will just do without thinking.

One of the first things you think when you first start dating a Taiwanese girl is that they are ‘so nice.’ As if there is something in their heart that is just nicer than other races or cultures. Just take an Asian airline compared to a European or North American one.

For those who don’t know, Taiwan is large island which sits off the coast of Mainland China and, although a relatively small nation, is very influential in the region.

For many years relations with the Mainland, for historical reasons, were not good.

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It goes without saying that everyone has two or more sides to their character and Taiwanese girls are no different; the public face and the private face can be totally different.Mind you, perhaps that is not so surprising as, believe it or not, Taiwanese girls are ethnic Chinese girls too!Another indisputable fact, of course if that Taiwanese girls are females—and probably, in reality, not that much different in behaviour or traits to other women in the US, Germany, UK or whichever country you wish to name.Some positive points about dating Taiwanese girls which I’ve heard and seem to reoccur include: So, there we have it: two sides to the same subject, two distinct views of Taiwanese girls!One set of views quite negative, the other positive…

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