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He was fair and honest, but he wouldn't put up with shit from nobody.

He and his family were members of the Methodist Church in town but didn't accept the Daniels invitation for the Fourth.

But then the way that Malcom reacted to the story later was so insensitive I found it stretched credibility - like another example of this show putting things together in a way that makes it too easy to make a point.

The politics is so on the nose that it's patronizing.

Billy Green's main cast stars Taylor as Billy and Jackie Hoffman...

I was looking for a short comic scene for the showcase, our presentation for casting directors and agencies. Cantu and I wrote a scene called "The Audition," revolving around a guy named Carson who is auditioning for Death of a Salesman and a clueless, brand-new-to-the-city boy named Billy who sits next to Carson in the waiting room.

You're both invited and certainly welcome,” Leon said. They were taking Pete's old truck to the Daniels Ranch.

If someone is going to have a negative reaction to things like this it's way more likely they'd just blow it off than be ultra-confrontational like every character in this show.The character, rather, comes off as so vain, needy, and superficial, and he gives off exactly zero charisma, yet how many women have we seen throw themselves at him? The Dad was over near Duc’s village looking for his brother? “Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut Pete and Leon were looking forward to a long weekend.I could not find anything that I thought was funny enough or not overdone. That sketch became the premise for the pilot of Billy Green.Synopsis: Rocked by a disturbing revelation, Ramon escapes into the past.

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