Webmaster tools site speed not updating

Again, we tested the same website, this time retaining the Javascripts, bundling them together and removing JQuery from it.The results (compare it with Table-A): Well, hardly any impact.

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We observed that – for every third party Javascript that we eliminated, the PSI Performance Score improved by ~3-10 points. In the digital marketing realm, we come across 2 types of clients: Both tools are by Google.Build a mobile-first website with a focus on speed and performance with a great user experience.So, if your website’s Performance Score is in the range of 30-65, ask your webmaster to make improvements in the following metrics: Milestone, Inc.So, when Google made a drastic core update to the Page Speed Insights algorithm, it drove the digital marketing world into frenzy. As our researchers and SEO experts started digging deep and simulated scenarios (by making incremental changes to websites and measuring scores), what came out was interesting.Flashback 2018 – Here’s how the site’s Page Speed Insights score for mobile looked: After the November 12, 2018 update – here’s how the score looks now: You read it right! The The new Page Speed Insights tool results are action oriented – they tell you how the plugins, themes, internal scripts and other third-party services are impacting your speed and what you should do to improve it.

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