Weather map updating live

movie which uses data available from Metars (airports) or Weather Display weather stations. Added support for the "" air quality sensor. Fix for individual dial images pointer not matching value number. Fix for extra sensor real time graph plot lines not auto updating.

The data is displayed in a web browser or on your PC desktop.

If you want to use the version of Weather Map Live embedded in Weather Display Live you just have to subscribe to a data feed which costs /year (excluding the cost of Weather Display Live).

If you want to use the full standalone version of Weather Map Live you will need to buy the full product which costs for the first year.

You can choose what weather information you want displayed, how you want it displayed and you can choose the units to display it with.

Flash currently reaches 98% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide (Adobe statistics) and the player is free.

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See more detail about how Weather Map Live works... Two Versions There are two version of Weather Map Live available. Additionally you'll also be able to use a "desktop version" which you can view on your PC anytime you wish. Added main screen custom to Mac and Linux versions. Added support for history data from Weather Flow station. Get current weather, daily forecast for 16 days, and 3-hourly forecast 5 days for your city.Helpful stats, graphics, and this day in history charts are available for your reference.

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