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) If you’ve met a guy on Tinder who works a day job as an accountant and spends his evenings at Crossfit, there’s a good chance he’s telling the truth.

It’s a downright normal lifestyle for a 20- or 30-something single guy.

However, if their lifestyle seems extravagant and filled with private jets or last-minute crises that prevent meeting up, it can be an indicator they’re making it all up.

When writer Dori Hartley was catfished by a professional con artist named Teresa, the con claimed to be a handsome young man who was dying of leukemia.

Fortunately, if you’re online dating via Tinder or Ok Cupid, there’s typically some pretty clear warning signs that you’re falling for someone who’s not what they seem.

Join us as we uncover some of the biggest signs that you’ve caught a catfish. Their Life Seems Absolutely Perfect (or Perfectly Cursed!

If your catfish’s life just seems too tragic or impossibly good to be true, your gut instinct may be correct. They’re Really Ridiculously Good Looking Very few catfish steal the photos of someone who is average or below-average in appearance.

Most often, they’ll steal photos that belong to aspiring models, musicians, or other people who are extraordinarily attractive by most people’s standards. According to Venture Beat, at least 1 in 10 online profiles are fake or contain fake images.

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You may not have had too many relationships to compare this one to so the only thing you can rely on are your own feelings and learning to recognise warning signs to protect yourself from violence or abuse in the future.While she quickly discovered cracks in his story, she cautions other women against falling for the same.Warning signs of a social media catfish, according to Suzie, can include: a low number of friends or followers, immediate interest or emotional investment, refusals to meet in real life or video chat, and requests for money. They’re Aggressively Trying to Deepen the Relationship When it comes to catfish psychology, most perpetrators thrive on the attention they receive from their online relationships.It doesn’t matter that the entire connection is built on a web of lies.Hours-long text conversations, phone chats, and email exchanges all feed the catfish’s need for attention.

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