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The band has managed to release 11 albums as of 2014.

They also appeared in an episode of the comedy show How I Met Your Mother.

The couple, along with his children lives in New Jersey.

In at attempt for marketing their band, he was provided with a nickname - 'Squirt'.

The former couple was in a relationship after they shot their duet song The couple kept their relationship a secret in front of the public eye; however, Wanya ended their relationship a month before Brandy's nineteenth birthday.

She had cited Wanya as her first true love but, unfortunately, Wanya had fallen in love with someone else.

The only thing is that I wish I would have known they were doing a meet and greet before the show, I would have done that as well The concert was fantabulous!!! They were engaging and entertaining but.....box seats we sat in, were horrible for viewing. Personally, I wished they would have sang a few more hits, but I would definitely go the see them again and again! Let’s be clear as far as the entertainers who performed, they all get 5 stars. En Vogue expressed how unhappy they were and I’m sure everyone else felt the same way.

The R&B star was romantically involved with singer and actress Brandy in the early years of his career.

He has also been rumored to have been dating singer Janet Jackson in early 2002.

Wanya's band, Boys II Men was first started by Nathan Morris and Mark Nelson (Mark Nelson apparently left the band to pursue a career on his own after the band released their first album).

All the band members attended Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts.

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