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Bay Keramik: Started by Eduard Bay in 1933; note that it's not correct that Bay stopped art pottery production in 1971; some art production continued into the 1980s, including some striking works...some not so striking.

Bay's best known designer was Bodo Mans, and it's common for many items to be attributed to him just because the name is known, but be sure those attributions are documented, not simply assumed.

Page Three of W/E items for sale Marzi & Remy: Marzi & Remy items cover a full range from traditional to "mid-century", including steins (for which they remain better known than their art pottery). M&R is so variable that it can be one of the most difficult to attribute when not marked. Otto Keramik: (1964-current) Otto Gerharz was a glaze genius not yet fully appreciated.

His volcanic glazes are getting a lot of attention, but many of the non-volcanic glazes have great sutlety and complexity as well as often being more uncommon.

Gräflich: Graflich items are not as well known or as numerous as some of the best known companies, but they made some lovely jewel tone glazes and an interesting volcanic variant where the volcanic glaze is the underglaze, bubbling through in patches.

E-mail Us Gramann (Topferei Römhild): Gramann, also known as Töpferei Römhild was an East German company.

Production numbers were fairly high, but there were special lines and glazes done in much smaller numbers.

While the production from most commercial potteries is all moulded (although often with hand work in the decoration), Ceramano did both molded and hand-made pots.

Designers included Gerda Heuckenroth and Hanns Welling.

Well-known early decors include Cortina and Jaspatina, but the company produced a wide variety of styles, especially in the 60s.

Economics forced them to stop significant art pottery production in the early 70s and survive on more utilitarian items.

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