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Phrozen Safe USBNinja Pendisk is another popular choice for monitoring the USB drives for malware.Ninja Pendisk is a portable utility which will wait for the USB drive to be inserted.In this article, we will discuss the solutions to tackle two situations: There are plenty of solution to safeguard the USB drive, but most of them are computer specific.The method described here should work across different Windows computers.To convert a USB drive to NTFS file system, follow the steps below:1.Insert the USB drive and then go to Device Manager.2.Under Disk Drives, right click the USB drive name and select “Properties”.3.

My personal choice is the NTFS file system method and Phrozen Safe USB.The benefit of Ninja Pendisk is that the user can disable Auto-play feature of Windows with only two clicks and then re-enable it instantly when needed.Ninja Pendisk Mx One Antivirus is a wonderful utility which works both ways round.Now go to Computer, right click the USB drive and select Format.5.Make sure NTFS is selected from the File System drop down menu.6.

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