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The Sleeping Hermaphroditus has the body of a man with the sensual curves of a woman, or young boy for that matter.

Obviously in ancient Greece and later in the Renaissance the figure was primarily an angelic image of purity.

However, in the melding and physical personification of these ETHEREAL Gods/Goddesses through the process known as PHOTOMORPHOSIS, they took on the Neuter Gender- dual souled forms of Her-maphrodites/He-maphrodites…

It reminded me for how long the androgynous male figure has been around as one of the primary types of male beauty.

PHOTOMORPHOSIS is the Ethereal process of developing a Brain, and by Creative Reason, Mental-Image the parts/formulas of a being-to-be into a united whole image of coordinated systems, and then indeed mentally contract and retract (shrink and fold) by Reason into an egg, cell, or seed form to be fertilized, if the formula does not already have built in fertilization.

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The separation into what is now regarded as “normal” uni-sexuality is a process that took millions of years.

Many details of the different reproductive stages passed through, and the corresponding changes in anatomy, are lacking.

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