Vanessa hugdens dating

It features an irregularly shaped swimming pool and spa surrounded by natural-looking stone.

There's even room for multiple lounge chairs to line the pool, offering a sunny spot to relax and soak up the sunshine.

Outfitted with a cowhide rug, a chaise longue, rustic vessels, and a potted tree, it's an ideal reading nook for winding down before bed or the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee before taking on the day ahead.

From this unique perspective, you can catch a glimpse of the luxurious formal dining room.

The multihyphenate listed the property for .9 million, according to and if she's able to sell it for her asking price, she'll make quite the profit—Hudgens originally bought the home for .75 million back in 2008.before she was a Broadway star, and helped her get to the amazing place she is today! And aside from the fact that you should never forget where you started out, starring in a record-setting hit Disney Channel trilogy with Zac Efron definitely isn't anything to scoff at. Along with the floor to ceiling doors, two large rectangular mirrors work to make the space feel expansive.In the kitchen, you'll find numerous noteworthy elements.

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