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According to Valishia, she felt pressured by the Bachelor producers to speak out against her friend.

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Jessie: I didn’t see anything, but I heard that other people might have seen something, but we all got over it and past it pretty quickly.I didn’t necessarily do what everybody wanted me to.”Jake, 31, reveals that picking the right woman was a bit tougher than he anticipated, “Half way through the entire journey, I still had no idea whatsoever. Brittney is the 25-year-old Learjet pilot from Franklin, TN, who had been cast to be on the show.That is until she prematurely revealed back in October that Jake had been chosen to be the new Bachelor.Jessie, who sounded very believable, even swore on her dog’s life, but now the bigger question is why did Jessie deny seeing anything inappropriate happen between Rozlyn and the producer just a month ago in an interview she gave to TV Guide?An excerpt is below –“TVG: Let’s talk about Rozlyn for a second.

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