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So anyway, the Mentor approach is to provide an oasis from the serious business of the proper DVCon programme, and I think folks are grateful for that. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some serious thoughts and questions to raise over dessert.This year, we compared and contrasted the different disciplines of Verification and Validation.This is partly owing to cost and time, those two omnipresent barriers to perfection in any project, but also largely because some aspects of Validation success are measured against subjective criteria, not logical ones (hence the Vulcan and Pandora references, geddit? I made the analogy of buying a shirt in order to highlight the difference between Verification and Validation.This is summarised in the picture below, but if you’d like the explanation to go with it, may I humbly refer you to Brian Bailey’s review of Mentor’s DVCon lunch presentation It’s the software, stupid A lot of the distinction between Verification and Validation tasks comes down to the design’s software content. Consider a software stack, with the lowest levels such as the boot code or the Board Support Package being most closely dependent upon the hardware functionality; and the upper levels of the stack i.e.All you need is the chance to learn and practice the right skills and a caring, validating mentor to guide you through the process.Through the enjoyable and relaxing process of hypnosis, you'll uncover the unconscious thinking patterns that color your experience in life.

At DVCon earlier this year, I was lucky enough to present to the munching masses at the Wednesday lunch.

Not just in terms of the hard measurable parameters such as performance and power, but also “softer” factors, such as aesthetics, user interface, environmental impact or market acceptance criteria (long live focus groups! The ideal validation environment might involve building a series of progressively better versions of the design and exposing each to an infinite number of monkeys until one is sure that it is perfectly fit for purpose, and nothing can be broken; accidentally or deliberately.

That’s the ideal but in the same way that the “no chance” Verification ideal is never reached, neither is complete Validation.

We then practice new thoughts and behaviors at the deepest level to align your subconscious mind with your conscious choices.

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