Validating saml 100 dating local

Their complaint is that they can change the email address in the response after signing it and that it will still pass the validation, which it shouldn't.

Is there a flag that we need to set in the config to validate the signature properly?

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SAMLDefault Logger] Auth NResponse; FAILURE;2.100org.opensaml.common. SAMLException: Name ID element must be present as part of the Subject in the Response message, please enable it in the IDP configuration 2015-09-29 ,796 DEBUG [o.s.s.s.Decrypter] Error decrypting the encrypted data element Exception: Illegal key size Caused by: error is likely being thrown as a result of mistiming between the Zoomdata server and IDP server. SAMLUtil] Could not find any artifact resolution services in metadata. Web SSOProfile Impl] Could not decode artifact response message. Message Decoding Exception: Could not find any artifact resolution services in metadata.Check that the ntp service is running on both machines. After following the steps to configure SAML in Zoomdata and successfully connecting to the SAML IDP (e.g.

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