Validating radio button checked

When the second radio button is selected, run a different validation, etc.

Provided that you use the correct naming conventions and layout for your buttons, you will not have any trouble.

Now before submitting the user input, we will check if one radio button in each group is checked using j Query.

Validating Radio Button Groups By setting the value of the variable, "found_it" equal to the checked button's value, the original button loop script can easily find which button was checked. We need a way to handle this situation, especially if you want to require a button from a group be checked.

Before getting into the additional validation scripting, I want you to notice something about the found_it variable in the original script - it is declared but not initialized. Because it was not assigned a value initially, it has an original value of null, and will stay that way unless its value is reset to a checked button's value. Logical operators test two boolean values for equality.

To check for the possibility of the user leaving the entire group unchecked, an additional if statement only needs to test the variable "found_it" for a value of null. Remember - comparison operators compare two operands for equality. The not operator evaluates a null value in the same way it evaluates a false value, so it can be used to test found_it to see if it has been assigned a value.

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