Validating phone numbers in php

Once that’s done, I can put them back together in a unified format for entry into a database.Here’s how to use the regular expression to do just that: will be “4321.” Go ahead and try the code with any US formatted number you can think of. If not, let me know; I’m always willing to revise my code.Validating information is an often overlooked, but essential, part of Web development.It is crucial to the integrity of data and to the security of an application to validate any input.The expression looks like this: Now that we have an expression that will work some magic and validate a phone number, let’s see how to put it into action.Before we do that, though, let me digress and explain what’s going to happen in this validation process.Thus, performing validation on the server-side adds an extra layer of security to your application. In this segment, I want to take a look at validating phone number data, and to valid phone numbers, we’ll be using regular expressions – or, more specifically, .

The following method may still be used for that approach, but it is a powerful tool intended to validate phone numbers from sources that are well beyond control. Follow me as I take a look at validating user-entered data in this first installment of what I hope to be a continuing series. It’s best to use some proper PHP tools to validate your data and make sure it’s in a format your application can read before passing it along to other places.The entire point of regex is to recognize multiple patterns within 1 statement. $phone_numbers = array( ‘555-555-5555’, ‘5555425555’, ‘5’, ‘1(519) 555-4444’, ‘1 (519) 555-4422’, ‘1-555-555-5555’, ‘1-(555)-555-25555’, ); $regex = “/^(\d[\s-]?

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