Validating game resources steam

By using this script or the application compiled from it, you agree that you won't hold me responsible for any damage done to your applications and games, data, or computer, any bandwidth charges incurred (which can happen if you find a bunch of files across games that need repaired), etc.While I have no interest in charging for this, if this helps you and you'd like to donate, I'll gladly take any extra steam games not yet in my library that you've been looking to toss away, old trading cards, etc! This script, when run on a computer with Steam and some games installed, will prompt you for your Steam\steamapps directory (which it will automatically try to locate in the registry), then a directory into which it will write logs of the validation results.:-)7) Now, sit back and watch (again, I would recommend against using your computer, as the wrong window might be closed if you click at just the right time as the validation hits 100% for a game, or you might cover up the screenshot of a game's validation results) as your games start validating one by one.The validation window for a game should come up, validate, and then automatically close.You can search the verification for "WARNING:" to see games that reached 100% validation, but did so very quickly (less than 1 second by default), or "ERROR:" to see games that never progressed past 0% verification and were skipped. If you care to see which games needed repairs, you can flip through the files in this directory to view results of validation for each game.When done, you can delete the logging directory.10) Have fun gaming with working, fully patched games!

For example, if you have one game installed, you'll end up with the log file and one screenshot showing the validation results for that game.I can vouch for it being safe, but I wouldn't trust a random person on the Internet either.If you want to be safe, use the au3 script version above.Since the script uses the Steam URL scheme, window title capture, and keystrokes for everything, it should not be dependent on resolution, screen positions, many automation scripts which use the mouse are.

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