Validating and reconciling financial data

The lack of quality in financial data, which is usually drawn from a range of different system landscapes and source systems, represents a huge challenge for many Finance departments.

Say goodbye to financial data that needs to be painstakingly incorporated into reports and integrated into plans and consolidated financial statements without first being validated.

It also provides automatic validation for the data you collect.

Luca Net’s built-in status monitor makes the entire data collection and validation process transparent across all of the reporting units involved, giving you all of the material information you need for IC reconciliation.

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Data collection can be handled manually, or it can be automated; interfaces to Luca Net.On the payment date, the software automatically executes the payment and credits it to the vendor’s bank account.The payment file is sent to the bank, and the reports are reconciled in the system.RPA helps in preparing internal and external reports for management’s analysis by gathering and integrating information from different sources and schedules it to be sent to the external sources automatically.When it comes to bookkeeping for small businesses, bank reconciliation is a very important aspect for any company.

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