Ups not updating tracking

two items that are different sizes but weigh the same will have different UPS weights).

I looked on the site and they were right - there was some information about it, plus a calculator for working it out. To their credit, they did refund the difference and I only had to pay the original quote, but I do wonder how many other people miss it and end up paying more for their postage.

Later, after UPS had picked up the parcel, I noticed they had charged me somewhere in the region of £80-100.

When there are significant weather issues, that team stays in touch on a continuing basis to assess operations at the destination gateway airports such as Newark.This happened a few times until a new driver started on the route, and after that I have had no issues at all.Probably not as bad as my neighbor who found out that the USPS mail guy was forging her signature on certified mail...tracknum="&$A1,"//*[@id='tt_sp Status']")&iferror(": "&substitute(index(index(IMPORTHTML("https://com/tracking/tracking.cgi? Since signing up for Prime, I have found that the package delivery status has become noticeably less reliable.

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