Updating weekly meeting minutes

If you hit a slow period of work, consider whether you should put standups on hold and add other types of team-building activities into the mix. Consider Adrian that friend who gives you advice on getting ahead at work.Having thrived in startup and Fortune 500 corporate environments, he knows what it takes to get the job done and be indispensable to your team.At my company, Bureau Blank, we have six core teams—strategy, design, web, client services, operations, and business development—and at any given moment, we are working on up to 20 projects for 10 or more clients.Our team is also just 10 people, so we’re each occasionally wearing multiple hats. Have you ever heard that saying, “When you make a plan, God laughs?Sure, you’re keeping the routine, but you’re not getting any stronger. If your team’s workload is light, the standup can become an annoyance, causing team members to lose interest.Once interest is gone for a team member, productivity and commitment to the company can fade, too. But they do require careful deployment and close attention to the human element to ensure that you’re creating an environment that’s open and vocal, where teams work together to get the job done.

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During standups, team members can quickly point out the tasks they’re working on, and the meeting is over in a snap.You’re able to see the milestones coming before they arrive, and you can make plans to adjust priorities or workloads accordingly.Since we’ve been holding standups, we’ve also been using project management systems like Basecamp and JIRA.At work, as in sports, if any single team member is not aligned with the goals or pulling her weight, the rest of the team suffers for it.If you’re experimenting with standups, watch for team members who seem to not pay attention when others are speaking or give vague updates about what they’re working on. They just may not understand the context, goals, or responsibilities of what they’re working on.

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