Updating urpmi database

Currently supported media types are: local drives, removable drives (such as CDs), ISO images, and networked media via different protocols (http, ftp, ssh and rsync).

NFS mounted directories are treated like local drives. Its basic usage is as follows: That prompts urpmi to fetch and install all packages and their unmet dependencies from the media you have configured. Notably, if some packages need to be upgraded, or if some new (unspecified) packages should be installed, it will ask for confirmation.

Its syntax is similar to the one of urpmi, but it disallows installing arbitrary RPMs: those are forcibly downloaded from a registered media.

A number of dangerous options, listed in the rurpmi(8) manpage, are also forbidden.

(or several of those at once.) For example, to find all packages that begin with "apache-": will give the list of all RPMs that require the specified package.

For further information, see the gendistrib(1) manpage.

Its usage is as follows: Those credentials won't be stored in any world-readable file.

In some cases, if your media points at an external HTTP or FTP server, you might want to use a proxy to access it.

It is similar to urpmi, but has a stripped-down set of features.

It's intended to be used by users without root privileges, but with sudo rights on it, preventing any abuse of this tool to compromise the system.

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