Updating uboot

And in such case, it will need an advanced lengthy process to recover it – if possible!Anyway, I took the decision to proceed with the update, which went very smooth using the installation script on Jef Doozan web site.

I’ve decided the unlock the capabilities of my pogoplug, and explore other firmware options like Arch Linux ARM. I need to extract the complete firmware residing in flash through the console or through Ethernet. I am connecting to my board using serial port and I can access U-Boot.By default, the ROM code in the Sitara AM3359 will boot from the MMC1 interface first (the onboard e MMC), followed by MMC0 (external u SD), UART0 and USB0.If the boot switch (S2) is held down during power-up, the ROM will boot from the SPI0 Interface first, followed by MMC0 (external u SD), USB0 and UART0.

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