Updating the server list

SEA games connect to ap-southeast-1 in Singapore and OC games are served from ap-southeast-2 in Sydney.

South American players would have their gaming severely affected by a nuke dropped on sa-east-1 in São Paulo.

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Different freelancer mods require different files and you wont be able to view them...now to see other discovery mod serves open your discovery launcher and there is a tab on the top right hand corner that says to hide unofficial servers...make sure it is off if you want to see other compatible servers.I was wondering about the experience of minecraft over the years and had a think about the xbox players who play on their worlds and on Mineplex, The Hive etc and was thinking the xbox players who use a keyboard and mouse like me probbably do it for the experience of a pc and want to join in on pc things like mods and adons but obviosly thats difficult if not impossible to do on xbox but what about servers, I know that Mineplex and The hive and life boat servers are great i play them all the time but i feel limited to those servers they all have the same stuff so i was thinking about adding real servers like and others for the new updated popular servers, Im not trying to be pushy or buggy but i think many xbox and ps4 players would like a bigger range of servers pluss it would give the game more publicity. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.

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