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Transcription of nc RNAs can be initiated from genic as well as intergenic regions in both the sense and antisense directions.Often transcription is initiated from nucleosome depleted regions (NDRs) in a bidirectional manner.Technological advances in the field of genomics (Ch IP-chip and Ch IP-Seq) merged with well-established biochemical tools (MNase digestion) have generated precise nucleosome maps in several organisms [].Despite variations in the nucleosomal spacing among different cells and organisms, the organization of nucleosomes over genes showed robust similarities.(C) Transcription-dependent distribution of H3 K4 and H3 K36 methylation over gene coding regions.Heatmaps also show high levels of histone acetylation and exchange over promoter-proximal regions which anticorrelate with the distribution of H3 K36 trimethylation. In addition, several transcription elongation factors that have been found to control transcriptional output from a given gene, have also been shown to possess the ability to either directly or indirectly influence nucleosome stability [].(B) Typical nucleosomal organization of yeast genes.

Thus, in the event of transcription initiation, this nucleosome undergoes a variety of post-translational modifications and is the target of nucleosome remodelers.

A highly positioned 1 nucleosome covering the transcription start site (→) directs precise positioning of nearby nucleosomes, but its influence wanes with increasing distance from the TSS.

The presence of nucleosomes over coding regions masks the cryptic promoter elements found throughout the genome and thus prevents aberrant transcription initiation.

We discuss how the maintenance of the underlying chromatin structure is necessary for the controlled expression of non-coding RNA molecules.

Finally, the stability of RNA molecules is a consequence of the balance between transcriptional output and the degradation mechanisms that ensure RNA destruction.

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