Updating the map in a dnx 5120 dating sucks ky

Luckily Tin Can (BJ) came out to the FJ Summit and graciously agreed to dew a few dashes for Summit attendees.By the time he was done (ours was his last) he was functioning on about 10 hours sleep over 5 days, and did over 20 dashes – quite an amazing accomplishment!I am currently running a pretty old version from 2013. Thanks in advance for your guidance to update my kenwood dnx5330bt with latest version of software and map. I shall help you on the first 2 questions: 1) Updating the software of the Garmin requires you to update the software for the DNX 5330BT as it comes in one update file. The update will take quite a while, so you need to keep your engine running until the update completes. Did you change the splash screen image of your kenwood DNX5330BT? Background DNX5330BT was a used set bought from my friend and he mentioned that the map on the SD card is from garmin but unlocked ones.Received map update and was going to get started but the instructions ask for a Validaton Code. Allen Coffey The "validation code" is displayed on the unit when you first place the update SD card (or DISC) in the kenwood unit. I found the Unit ID, but cannot find the Valication code. Then you enter the validation code @ Garmin to activate the maps. Your junction view file goes directly into the JCV folder. *Note: Do note that not all map IMG are named as GMAPSUPP.

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You will see a "Garmin" folder when you first view the micro sd card. Hello Hantu-Raya, First of all thanks for your help I was struggling for almost 9 months without a solution. Updating the software was fairly easy as you said but one thing to take note You have to make sure that your thumb drive is FAT32 formatted. (I used NTFS first didn't work but FAT32 did the trick) Updating the MAP was exactly as you mentioned above, but I had to change the file name from GMAPPROM. Good Job Kenta2, keep up the good work Good Job Hantu-Raya, keep helping newbie like me Hello everyone, I would like to give a simple idea to serve all users of the forum, it would be great to clarify wich kenwood model works with this method and listed in a header at the first post. Then we turn on the Kenwood and place it in Standby mode 4. Once the gps navigator is open connect the USB pendrive and wait for the reading; 6.

Inside the "Garmin" folder is where you need to place your map's file. To contribute, I want to advise that I could update a DNX5710BT with this method; changing the of the original sd card to the new map (renaming it if necessary to gmapsupp.img). Confirm the import of the POI into the internal memory.

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