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When it was in the car it never got warm although it did have 12 volts to the heater. You need to locate the instructions for that scanner and determine which sensor it is looking at, probably the front. That is usually caused by a defective ECTS or ECTS connector or failed thermostat.

Should I be able to feel the heater working on the outside of the sensor? BOSH and other brand universals do not perform well in a Saturn and do not ever grease the O2 sensor connector as that will contaminate it. Since it's the O2 sensor heater monitor that's blinking on the scanner, doesn't it have to be the rear sensor since the front sensor isn't heated?

If I can't figure out a way to get a free scan I might be shopping for a 3130 unit.

Well the Actron they used at my local Autozone and Advanced Auto did not pick up a code.

My guess it was a low end reader that only picks up the standard/generic OBD-II I believe all codes above P1000 are manufacturer specific to Dodge, GM etc.

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Friday is my deadline for CA smog cert and I can't get it tested with a yellow light.Thanks, Dave True, only the rear has a heater, but if your reader is looking at the front sensor, and is expecting to find a heater circuit and does not, it would act like the heater is not working.I agree with Old Nuc in that you need to first figure out which sensor the reader is looking at.Hey guys, I have a 99 Rango SLT 5.9 and was wondering what causes a Check Engine Light with no code.I tried two different scanners and neither picked up an error code.

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